3 Simple Steps to

Get Back Your Family Mojo,

Double Your Financial Security,

and Live In Abundance in All Areas 

of Your Life

(Without Feeling Guilty Or Constantly Questioning Yourself)

MARCH 1st at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST



Learn how to use
The AIM-System™ for In-Demand Professionals
and their Very Important Partners (VIPs)
to transform your lifestyle and relationships.

I’ll walk you through it step-by-step!

Join me for a live, interactive demonstration of:

The Transformation

…that you and your life partner will experience when you start using this 3-step relationship and personal development system.

The Energizing Results

…that couples and families like you enjoy every week with The AIM-System™, and that you can expect to achieve too!

The Foundational Principles

…that make this simple system so effective -- including the details of precisely why it works -- so you can implement it with ease and confidence.

January 1st:

  • 10 AM - Los Angeles
  • 1 PM - New York
  • 6 PM - London
  • 7 PM - Berlin
  • 7 AM - Wellington (January 19th)

This live demo will run for 90 minutes.


Sherry Fetzer - Former Nurse Practitioner, Wellness Coach, Knoxville, USA

"I can now quickly pivot from fear and confusion to confidence and clarity. It is something that has positively impacted everything from my love life to my family life to my business life."

Stefan Pirnbacher - Head of Marketing & Sales, ECI Mechatronics, Salzburg, Austria

"Uwe, you supported me to have more success in the job but to work less, gain more money, and to find out what is important to me in life:
Me and my family."

Nicole Pirnbacher - Structure Coach for B2B Sales Manager, Echtes Herzblut Leben, Salzburg, Austria

"The coaching with Uwe was a game-changer for me because I could level up to Stefan regarding mindset, fulfillment, and motivation.
We are respectfully eye-to-eye now."

During this live demonstration, you’ll discover:

  • What REALLY works for executives, entrepreneurs, and other in-demand professionals to strengthen and re-energize your relationship with your spouse or life partner.
  • The #1 reason why 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce or separation, and the simple solution that allows you to divorce-proof YOUR relationship. 
  • How to enjoy a restored eye-to-eye intimacy with your partner (without spending years in relationship therapy or family counseling).
  • The three principles embodied within ALL happy relationships in high-achieving professionals’ families, and how to enhance their effects in your own family.
  • Why elephants, “Walk Like an Egyptian”, and questioning reality can influence your quality of life as a couple. (I’ll explain when we meet for the demo!)
  • What makes it so hard to generate great results DAILY and SUSTAINABLY -- and how to make it suddenly much, much easier.

So that instead of worrying about it over and over, you can start taking productive action.

After a few hours or days of using this simple 3-step system, you’ll see the results already -- and you’ll know that things are set to keep on getting even better. 

Here's what that looks like in the longer term…

You're laying on the beach next to a luxury holiday home on a family vacation for the third time this year. Your partner and the kids are playing nearby while you relax under a giant sunshade. You close your eyes, listening to their happy laughter and the murmur of the tide. 

Contentment. Absolute peace. It’s blissful.

And here’s the best part: for two whole weeks, you haven’t opened your laptop or taken any work calls. Not even once. 

You don’t need to, because you know your bank balances are at a new record high (again!) and everything is under control while you take a break to enjoy the lifestyle of abundance that you and your partner have created together.

Collaborating with your spouse to double your family’s income, banish working weekends, and free up more time and energy for FUN was the best decision you ever made.

Except, you haven’t made it yet. That future is still waiting for you... 

...and you can step into it as soon as you’re ready. 

Take the first step now and join me for a live demonstration of how this works!

Ready to Get Back Your Family Mojo,

Double Your Financial Security,

and Live in Abundance in all Areas of Your Life?

(Without Feeling Guilty Or Constantly Questioning Yourself)

Join me for a live demo March 1st:

  • 10 AM - Los Angeles
  • 1 PM - New York
  • 6 PM - London
  • 7 PM - Berlin
  • 7 AM - Wellington (January 19th)

This live demo will run for 90 minutes.


Meet Your Live Demo Presenter:

Uwe Dockhorn

Uwe Dockhorn is the CEO at Liberating Lifestyles, and the founder of The AIM System™: a 3-step transformational experience for in-demand professionals and their spouses or life partners. He believes in cultivating the internal certainty and clarity that improve your outcomes financially in business, and emotionally in relationships. 

In fact, Uwe’s superpower is to decipher patterns in  couple or family relationships and translate them into a straightforward, actionable framework that makes the patterns visible, understandable, and adjustable. This allows him to work efficiently and effectively with his clients, helping them achieve lasting results in 8 hours or less.

In developing and delivering more than 15,000 live sessions on The AIM System™ worldwide in the last 14 years, Uwe has gained extensive experience helping high achievers (and their Very Important Partners) in almost every industry, role, and lifestyle. Now it’s your turn...



March 1st:

  • 10 AM - Los Angeles
  • 1 PM - New York
  • 6 PM - London
  • 7 PM - Berlin
  • 7 AM - Wellington (January 19th)


Participating in this live demonstration may cause a sudden increase in clarity, motivation, and energy to transform your lifestyle and relationship with your life partner! 

There is nothing to buy, and no video replay -- so be sure not to miss this, and bring your Very Important Partner to watch the live demo with you if possible.