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As a high achiever… 

…you’ve accomplished great things and you intend to do even more. Yet you question your capacity to continue, because you sense you're at the edge of burning out. 

So you find yourself wondering, "Shouldn’t there be more to life than being the best at my job? Can I give more time to our relationship as well as my work?"

As a Very Important Partner…

…you know how it feels to do so much behind the scenes, but always be in someone else’s shadow. You wish you could stop feeling left behind by your spouse, and stop putting yourself at the bottom of your priority list.

So you worry, “Will people ever like me for myself, or notice and appreciate what I do? Can I be an equal instead of always in the background?”

If you or your partner answer “Yes” to any of these questions…

  • Do you feel depressed and stressed out?
  • Are you tired all the time?
  • Do you have a negative outlook on life?
  • Are you using shopping, pills, or food and drink to help you feel better?
  • Do you feel lonely and disconnected from your spouse, family, and friends?
  • Have you noticed yourself getting more irritable or easily frustrated?

…Then this is for you.

The problem is simple: the two of you don’t get enough free time together to strengthen your relationship in key areas such as mutual support and respect, fun, and adventures, or romance and intimacy.

Will this situation get better on its own, if you do nothing to change it?

No. In fact, ignoring it will only make it worse and could eventually lead to a complete breakdown of your relationship.

Can this situation improve with just a little commitment from both of you?

Yes, absolutely! And I’m here to help you make it happen.

Hi, I’m Uwe Dockhorn…

…the Lifestyle Liberator for high achievers and their families. I’ve delivered more than 17,000 successful sessions for power couples all over the world. My approach is founded on principles of time freedom, autonomy, equality, and inner certainty that yield results in your business financially and in your relationships emotionally.

Nicole Pirnbacher

Nicole Pirnbacher

Structure Coach for B2B Sales Manager

“The coaching with Uwe was a game-changer for me because I could level up to Stefan regarding mindset, fulfillment, and motivation. As a result, we are respectfully eye-to-eye now.”

Stefan Pirnbacher

Sefan Pirnbacher

Senior Account Manager

“Uwe, you supported me to have more success in the job but to work less, gain more money, and to find out what is important to me in life: Me and my family.”

Sherry Fetzer

Sherry Fetzer

Women’s Wellness Coach

“I can now quickly pivot from fear and confusion to confidence and clarity.
It is something that has positively impacted everything from my love life to my family life to my business life.”

Motivation at home sets you up for success at work!

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