Letting GO and Letting IN:

The 5 Secrets of Relationship Success for High Achievers and Their Life Partners

How a troubled couple overcame past hurts and doubts to create the energy, intimacy, and confidence that divorce-proofed their marriage.

Inside this case study report, you'll discover…

  • The surprisingly simple steps you need to take to prevent old family patterns repeating in your relationship (or scarring your children for life)
  • How to avoid wasting thousands on expensive relationship counselling, prescription medications, or lawyers’ fees 
  • Why starting a family can lead to imbalance and a feeling of abandonment that pulls previously happy couples into dark waters
  • The power of letting go to stop fear from keeping a hold over you or your life partner
  • What you can do today and every day to proactively generate fun, freedom, relaxation and romance -- even if you have a busy schedule
  • How to build trust and confidence in one another so that you can become unshakeable as a couple
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