Q: Why 2-hour sessions?

A: I believe in liberating lifestyles for my clients. That’s what they pay me for. To efficiently achieve effective results

Therefore, it is mandatory to have this 2-hour framework so they have a perfect and individual solution that is always more satisfying and tangible for them in order to get to the truth of their specific problems. Their permanent energizing results also show that a safe and neutral container is key and supports effectivity and sustainability. Whenever clients need more time, we take it without charging extra. At the Gold Level, clients additionally receive an unlimited amount of sessions.


Q: Who is this for?

A: This is fitting for medical professionals (including doctors, dentists, and veterinarians), c-suite executives, leading entrepreneurs, and their Very Important Partners (VIPs) who want to liberate and future-proof their own vitality have more impact with their thriving business while sustaining a healthy and fulfilling family life. 

Or if you feel you're running in the wrong direction with your life and your business, then a complete restart is possible and doable. 

I’m only making this available for the few of you that are truly ready to protect their vitality, their business, and their family and are willing to invest their time, energy, and money to make it happen.

I only invest in people who invest in themselves. If you're looking for a one-off person then I am not for you.


Q: What is the benefit of receiving coaching with my spouse?

A: After more than 15.000 sessions it became clear that 2 things can happen in a partnership when only one spouse entered the coaching process:

  1. The spouse often says: “I love these results…and I want them, too.“  …but more importantly…
  2. …my clients frequently hear: “You are changing and I don’t want this.

And of course, this creates an unintended conflict.

The experience of transforming lives together will create a deeper understanding between the two. I am not a marriage counselor, I am a personal development specialist. Most of the sessions are in a one-on-one format. Only a couple of sessions will take place together so they can experience the meaning of each other's progress. Clients love that because it gives them instantly tangible results in order to be crystal clear on how to help each other according to their own personal development. 

Therefore I always recommend including the spouse in the decision-making process by offering a complimentary session for the spouse at the beginning.


Q: What kind of results can I expect?

A: Achieving success with higher standards and energizing results is our overall promise. Being at ease with certainty and clarity, just like…:

  • …Tobias (Dentist). Shifting from feeling distant from his family and children to joyfully playing with his 2 kids every night – after only the first five sessions. 
  • …Stefan (Marketing Manager), who I helped after his 2nd Burnout overcoming the fear of another Burnout and living his true why as a speaker. 
  • …Anja (Medical professional and researcher) walking away from her trauma of sexual abuse with a newly gained self-confidence and trust before taking the next step into her marriage. 
  • …Birgit (Doctor of Biology) asking herself: What about me? What are the next steps in “My” career? She pivoted to being able to implement each and every step towards a fulfilling work and life with a newly gained joy of deeper communication with her husband.

And quantitatively speaking:
Typically, on a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 is the maximum, clients arrive with an overall feeling of being at 2-3 regarding their vitality, their energy, and their motivation. After only the first 5 sessions they are at a solid 8.


Q: Do you have a guarantee?

A: Yes, I provide a satisfaction guarantee:

I guarantee that my program will work for you. I am so confident in my method that if after the time of the program you have done the assignments and haven't experienced your liberating lifestyle I will continue to work with you for free until you do.


Q: If I’m not experiencing Burnout yet, is coaching still beneficial?

A: According to our Burnout Quick Check, we highly recommend the prevention at a stage when you still have the resources, the energy, and the support of your family. This is, in fact, a very serious stage because you are not aware that you are so close to experiencing Burnout. And this leaves you with a sense of false security. Living on the verge of Burnout without knowing better. Let me tell you a secret. This is also the formula for our success. Nobody in the industry of preventative health is looking at these first signs as a solution to prevent Burnout. Except us.

After entering the downward spiral for a couple of months, each day you avoid asking for help it is increasingly more difficult to be able to stop Burnout. It is inevitable. 


Q: Why 1:1 coaching?

A: There are several key differences compared with other approaches. Consulting only delivers knowledge and plans for future implementation based on a surface level understanding. Therapy and psycho-analysis focus on listening and reviewing clients’ past life experiences.

Self-help books, resilience training, mindfulness exercises, and most group coaching programs deliver ideas and inspiration, but they don’t fully resolve the underlying core problems.

One-on-one coaching works mainly in the client’s presence while resolving blocking issues from the past that are still stopping clients from being, having, and achieving what they want. They learn to deal in a pro-active way instead of being reactive compared to other solutions.

And as a personal coach I am 100% committed to these proven 6 coaching principles:

  1. Clients are resourceful. You, the client, know the answers to your own problems even if you are uncertain about how to get there. You are the one who will have to live with the consequences of any decisions you make.
  2. It follows from this that the coach’s role is to work with the client to access that resourcefulness. The essence of an effective coach is to ask you skillful questions rather than offering answers by giving advice.
  3. Coaching is about the whole person. Your work and your personal life are both an important part of who you are. 
  4. Coaching follows the client’s, not the coach’s, agenda. Your needs and desires will dictate the path of the sessions.
  5. The coach and client are equals. Our partnership will be based on mutual respect and trust.
  6. Coaching is about identifying positive changes. I will help you make positive improvements in your life so you can easily implement those changes.


Q: Is coaching still effective if not in person?

A: Simply yes! After we establish individual targets and have a deeper understanding of where clients are, we use online sessions on Zoom (similar to Skype), phone calls, or even text, voice or video messages. All these are equally effective. The major sessions will always be online, by phone, or by request in person worldwide. I am able to stay for longer periods of time in the US or Europe where I also can work with my clients in person.


Q: Can I receive coaching with my business partner?

A: Also a clear yes. I provide special packages for spouses or a maximum of 2 business partners.


Q: What is Elephant Thinking?

A: This is one of the most fundamental concepts and a metaphor for better understanding of what clients deal with in their everyday life and work. Please watch this video HERE.

It was recorded during an online session with a client. 


Q: Are you certified in what you do and what makes you qualified to help me?

A: I don’t have a professional degree or clinician certification and I am not a therapist, but for more than 10 years I have been a systemic coach with over 15,000 sessions and over 30,000 hours of practice. All of the programs I developed are proprietary and are based on the experiences of my clients. I continuously upgrade those so my clients can be supported more effectively.


Q: Where are you situated?

A: Currently, I am situated in Germany, but I work part-time in the US. My clients are coming from all over the world and I spend most of my time with my clients in the English speaking world. 


Q: How to pronounce Uwe?

A: Phonetically, it is: OO - Vuh

OO rhymes with too

V like in very

Uh rhymes with the

And people often worry about it. Because my last name Dockhorn (not to be mistaken with the Californian winery called Duckhorn) is so long my parents thought that I should have a short name: Uwe

Please feel free to go with whatever you like when we speak with each other. We can go from there. ;)